Tonic is an apothecary-esque cocktail parlor curating & mixing boozy antidotes to alleviate a multitude of maladies.


The concept of Tonic grew from the bond between friends, a love for community, and a passion for wellness alchemy.   While our building is undergoing a massive historic renovation, we spend our days developing libations (mocktails & cocktails) that incorporate traditions with modern innovation while working closely with our nonprofit ally, Folks Foundation.  


We source our booze from North Carolina distilleries, breweries, cider mills, wineries.  We love incorporating housemade syrups, tinctures, preserves, bitters and responsibly foraged and grown ingredients handcrafted and harvested by Folks across the State.   Dr. G's Imports Cabinet will feature unique international spirits that can only be found in specific terroirs across the globe.

Doors will open late Summer of 2020.  The parlor is located above Folks General Store & Apothecary, a project of Folks Foundation that champions all good things crafted in North Carolina and the Folks that make them.

To learn more about Folks Foundation & Donate, click the bear.


Tonic Parlor is now open!

Tuesday - Friday

4pm till 10pm

Saturday - Sunday

12pm - 12am

For more information or to book a private function, email




Featured Cocktails

The Bellator /  Spiked Iced Coffee  / Instill distilling spiced rum  $10


Golden Sunset /  Turmeric Latte Old Fashioned / Conviction Bourbon   $10


Carolina Libre / Bottled Pepsi, Rum, & Orange  / Kill Devil Pecan Rum   $8


Croatan G&T/   Smoked Rosemary, Gin, Lime / 1000 Piers gin   $11


Chocolate Martini /  Chocolate & Coffee Liqueur  / Blue Shark VODKA   $10


River Rat /  Dirty Mimosa with Pickled Asparagus house Prosecco    $9


Bloody Bear /  ENC Style BBQ Bloody Mary / Covington sweet potato vodka   $10


Karoline Sangria / a CAT 5 Hurricane of Awesomeness  / Blue Shark Vodka, Prosecco, Cider   $13


Tipsy Tryon / Spiked Fruit Filled Lemonade /  Blue Shark Vodka   $8


Gin Dilly / Cucumber, Lime, Mint, Soda Water / Suttlers Gin   $9


Rummy Orangeade / Fresh Squeezed Orange, Soda Water, Flambe Orange  / End of Days White Rum   $9

Featured wines

Shelton Vineyards  - Yadkin Valley      

  • Cabernet franc                              

  • Tannat                                              

  • Reisling                                            

  • Unoaked Chardonnay          


Fish Hippie - “Soul” Dry White Blend


Jolo - Golden Hallows White

Childress Vineyards -  Rose                     

Featured brews on tap

Malty By Nature /  s c o t t i s h  a m b e r

Southern Pines  $8


Warmer Winter /  s p i c e d   l a g e r

Brewery 99   $9


Thirsty Paddler /  r a s p b e r r y   a l e

Pitt Street Brewing   $7.50


Dapple Dog /  d r y   s t o u t   

Pitt Street Brewing   $9

Hop Drop N Roll /  i n d i a   p a l e   a l e

NoDA   $8


Off Main /  h a r d   a p p l e   c i d e r

Bull City Ciderworks   $8